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Lessons from Complexity Science
May 27 2010, 4:04 PM EDT | Post edited: May 27 2010, 4:04 PM EDT
The content above mentions complexity (used in lay terms), self-organization, emergence, and other terminology from Complexity Science. As a further expansion of the focus of network leadership, might we expand the investigation specifically into the area of organizational complexity (complexity science applied to social groups)? Such a study identifies possible leadership practices and often provides an understanding of what has become accepted as Best Practice. For example:

• Use Simple Rules for alignment
– Avoid complicated, inflexible rule structures
• Direction emerges from Shared Vision
– Focus on progress, not size of the gap
– Vision continues to evolve collectively (no end)
• Enable people to acquire skills & interact
– All change is local
– Master planning is less effective
• Encourage many small tests
– Nurture success (or quickly discard )
– Diffusion of knowledge through networking

Also see http://www.entarga.com/symposium/Dec09-Complexity.pdf
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