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Location: Boston Learning Circle: Conversation About Leadership and Networks

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Questions We Are Asking About Leadership and Networks
Mar 5 2010, 10:39 AM EST | Post edited: Mar 5 2010, 5:22 PM EST
I'm really excited about our upcoming gathering on Leadership and Networks at The Boston Foundation on March 26th. Those who are coming shared with us what they hope from participating. I've illuminated some of the underlying questions that emerged from reading those responses. I find these questions very provocative and look forward to digging deeper when we get together.

How is network leadership being developed and supported in communities of color?
How do we organize our work to better support network participation?
How do we learn to tap into networks?
How do we connect to other leaders and have fun?
How do we create dynamic teams?
What examples do we have of team leadership? Can we share our stories?
How do we learn together in ways that we can share with others (especially with youth and residents)?
What are practical strategies for sustaining leadership networks?
What are the deeper insights into the motives, incentives and barriers involved in sustaining leadership networks?

You also shared with us that you are joining our gathering on the 26th to have real time to think about leadership and networks, to reflect on your own networks, to learn and gain perspective, to connect with others who are thinking about leadership and networks, and to have a chance to discuss a topic your passionate about.

As organizers of this gathering, Gibran and I would love to hear your questions. What are you pondering about leadership and networks? What do you believe we need to pay attention to as we learn together about how to lead through networks?

If you are interested in joining us in Boston, you can still register to come. http://www.leadershipforanewera.org/

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1. RE: Questions We Are Asking About Leadership and Networks
Mar 12 2010, 4:32 PM EST | Post edited: Mar 12 2010, 4:32 PM EST
(Question via @rhappe)
"how do you teach network leadership? It's often subtle & intuitive..."
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