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Co-creating an outline for the publication synthesis
Jan 13 2010, 2:36 PM EST | Post edited: Jan 13 2010, 3:07 PM EST
I have posted a draft outline for the leadership and networks publication synthesis. It was challenging to figure out how to frame this piece so that it might be provocative in ways that could influence the leadership development field to adopt network-centric approaches to leadership rather than relying so heavily on individual and organization-centric approaches. This piece is designed to make a case for network-centric leadership investment within the social sector and across sectors to significantly increase the scale of potential impact. I see this piece as a starting place for discussion which I hope you might be inspired to contribute to. Are these the framing questions that you would ask? What is missing? What do you think the field needs to hear to shift how leadership development is conceptualized and practiced? Are there network examples you think might influence network thinking and practice? Feel free to respond in the discussion forum, add to/edit the outline or send me an email. Do you find this valuable?    
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