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With your help, we can elevate the impact of this collaborative initiative and start advancing a leadership model that is more inclusive, networked and collective. For more information please refer to the Leadership for a New Era thought piece.

Why this matters?

  • The current leadership model is limited
    • Places a strong emphasis on the individual and not enough in groups and communities
    • Doesn’t support cross-sectoral leadership
  • The leadership landscape is changing
    • Trend towards transferring leadership
    • Election of Barack Obama: mobilization supported by networks, high level of civic engagement, first African American president in the U.S.
    • Development of new social technologies

How can I support the work?

  • Participate
    • Share your resources and ideas!
  • Promote
    • Help us spread the word by mentioning and linking to LNE in your blog, website and newsletter!
  • Make a Contribution
    • We encourage you to invest in LNE and contribute to this important work. Please contact the Leadership Learning Community

Our supporters

We would like to thank the following organizations for supporting the Leadership for a New Era initiative:

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