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Dear ,

The Leadership Learning Community and early partners would like to invite you to join a collaborative learning and publishing initiative. We are a group of leadership development learners, practitioners and researchers who believe that the lessons learned about leadership development in the past years, along with the recent elections and the changing economic, political and social landscape, require a change in our leadership culture and practice. The Leadership Learning Community has written a short thought piece (link) that calls for Leadership for a New Era. An early group of Learning Initiative advisers have met to discuss how to shift current leadership work from a primary focus on individuals to approaches that are more inclusive and foster leadership in the context of collective work, networks, communities and social movements.

The learning initiative we are launching is designed to engage multiple contributors with a diversity of experiences and perspectives to create momentum to shift the dominant cultural assumptions about leadership that shape current leadership development and practice. In fact, we feel strongly that if we are going to promote leadership that is more democratic, collective and networked that we should embody this leadership in the ways that we work together on the proposed Learning Initiative.

The LLC Initiative Advisory group will work with LLC to steward the process of creating a container through which many stakeholders can come together to learn, collectively synthesize and write about Leadership for a New Era. As we work we will experiment with social networking tools and collaborative editing tools. We as a group will decide how we want to work in this space, including how to establish shared values for the work, communication norms, intellectual property agreements and publishing templates. By connecting our work as partners to a larger initiative we believe we can increase our influence on the current leadership culture.

The Leadership Learning Community has identified the Learning Initiative as its core work for the next year and has raised resources to integrate the work of its learning circles and staff to create the virtual and real time venues to support the Learning Initiative. Some of the resources raised are tied to a specific commitment to publish a piece on boundary crossing leadership as part of the framing of Leadership for a New Era. LLC will publish materials produced through the Learning Initiative on its website where it will be publicly available at no charge. We hope to engage in a co branding of this work through which LLC will be promoted along with other partners who join this initiative. LLC brings its values of openness, respect for diverse viewpoints, ltransparency, earning and open source knowledge and a spirit of abundance to our joint endeavor. We hope you will join the initiative. Please visit our Ning site and introduce yourself to partners http://creatingspace.ning.com/group/incl . You are also welcome to email Deborah@leadershiplearning.org if you would like to discuss this in more detail.

Deborah Meehan

On behalf of the Leadership Learning Community and the Learning Intiative Advisory Group

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