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Network Leadership DevelopmentThis is a featured page

Who is the focus of network leadership development?
  • Leaders (e.g., civic leaders, nonprofit executive directors, key stakeholders)
  • Teams or small groups
  • Social entrepreneurs/bridgers
  • Field practitioners and thought leaders
  • Citizens/neighborhood residents
  • Who would you add?
How is network leadership identified?
  • Do you focus on individuals or the whole network?
What attracts leaders to participate in networks?
  • Energy, shared resources, creativity, wisdom, knowledge
  • Resources and support for action
  • The ability to exercise leadership through roles (rather than positions); allows for smoother transfer leadership
  • People who bring vision and participate in different networks; they have knowledge and power, more than just connections
  • Keeping balance
  • Ability to influence
How is network leadership cultivated?
  • By building relationships across differences
  • By connecting around shared interests
  • By disruption
  • By conflict (different perspectives in creative encounters)
  • By allowing for emergence
  • By setting a strategic course
  • By supporting and resourcing innovation
  • By social technologies
  • What would you add?

What are valuable methodologies for supporting network leadership development?
  • Visioning
  • World Cafe
  • Open Space Technology
  • Art of Hosting
  • Collaboration Platforms
What are promising case examples of network leadership development?
  • Making Connections (Annie E. Casey Foundation)
  • Lawrence CommunityWorks
  • Barr Fellowship Network

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