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The Leadership in Action program sponsored by Annie E. Casey focuses on bringing together a diverse group of stakeholder focused on achieving a specific result. The foundation chooses an anchor institution to partner with, a city task force, a citizen group, a governor’s subcommittee. The anchor organization helps to recruit 40 participants who are chosen based on their ability to help make change happen, the resources they can bring to the table, their positions in key organizations. It’s a diverse group from government, non profits, residents, faith based community, child advocates, and community leaders who all share a commitment to the well being of kids and families.

This group takes part in 9 two day sessions that occur over a 14 month period. They look at the problems, enlist new partners and begin to identify possible solutions. Between sessions they team to test ideas, put things into action and begin learning about what is working and what it will take to get results.

They are provided with skills in four key areas:
  • Results based accountability – a tool that ask what difference you want to make, what action you will take to achieve and what progress you are making to that end.
  • Leading from the middle – recognizing the influence, resources and authority that leaders can bring to bear on the issues they care about.
  • Collaborative Leadership – build their relationships and align with resources with other leaders and organizations to have greater impact.
  • Race, class and culture dialogue- use data to understand inequities related to class race and culture, engage in constructive dialogue and develop strategies for taking on disparities.

The LAP program has had dramatic results in helping groups to gain significant measureable achievement in the results they focus on

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