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1. Introduction

  • What is Leadership for a New Era (LNE)?
The Leadership Learning Community (LLC) has joined forces with a select group of partners to create Leadership for a New Era or LNE. LNE is a collaborative initiative focused on changing the way people think about leadership and the leadership development field. It promotes a shift from the status quo ‘individuals-as-leaders’ model of leadership to a collective model that is inclusive, rooted in community, and action-oriented. LLC has created the LNE website as a collaborative workspace where members can share thoughts, resources and news that focus on topics related to LNE and its goals. The main topics for this initiative are Leadership and Race, Leadership and Networks, Collective Leadership and Leadership across Difference.

  • What is a collaborative workspace?
LLC believes that not only do we need to change the current leadership model, but we also need to do so collectively – through collaboration. The Leadership for a New Era website acts as a backdrop for members to share, learn, write and post ideas and resources that move us closer to collectively changing the current leadership model.

  • Why should I participate?
Leadership for a New Era is an innovative research initiative that is leveraging the power of collaboration to influence the leadership development field – and ultimately, trigger social change. This is a unique opportunity to establish relationships with key stakeholders in the field, get exposure for your materials and research, challenge your own assumptions and contribute to the development of a comprehensive website and a tangible product – a series of cutting-edge publications on the following topics: Leadership and Race, Leadership and Networks, Collective Leadership and Leadership across Difference.

  • Who should participate?
Organizations and individuals focused on leadership development for social change or any of the complementary topics outlined above (race, networks, collective practices, and overcoming differences). There are different levels of participation:
Basic member: individuals and organizations that wish to contribute by sharing resources and/or discussing ideas
Partner: for each key topic, we will partner with one or two individuals or organizations that have extensive expertise on a
relevant subject area and wish to fully engage in the initiative – this may mean writing, reviewing and editing the publications. For
more information, please contact us.

  • How do I register to the LNE website?

The Registration Process
Ok, now that you are excited and eager to participate in LNE, all you have to do isregister to the site and start learning, sharing and discussing! Registering is free and and easy; just click the ‘Join Now!’ button on the right side of the bar at the top ofevery page and fill out a short form. After you have submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation email. That’s it!

Updating your Profile After you have registered, you will be asked to update your profile so that other members can get to know you. We encourage you to include as much information as possible – yes, we mean the picture too – so you can connect with other users. You do not have to complete your profile all at one time and you can always come back to it. To access or update your profile click the ‘My Profile’ icon on the right-hand side of the tool bar.

  • How can I participate?

User Permissions/Roles
Leadership for a New Era requires registration in order to edit, but does not require an invite to register. Listed below are some of the different user roles and their permissions/capabilities:
Anonymous User: As an anonymous user, you can view all non-blocked or deleted pages. You cannot edit any of the content or
begin/reply to threads.
Registered User: As a registered user, you can add new pages or edit existing (unlocked) ones and you can post
threads/comments on any page. You can also add resources to existing pages. Registration is quick and simple so we really
encourage you to take a minute to join the community.

2. Content Overview

  • How is the site organized?

The site is divided into nine sections for members. They are listed as tabs on a bar at the top of every page. Members can move between sections by clicking on the tabs.

Additionally, there is a menu on the left-hand side of every page that lists different pages. Pages are listed in four different categories: Themes Overview, Share Resources,Emerging Topics and About the Leadership Learning Community. The Themes Overview and Share Resources pages have subpages, which show up if you click on them. The subpages under ‘Themes Overview’ describe the four topics LNE focuses on and the subpages under ‘Share Resources’ allow users to upload and view content relating to those topics.

The Emerging Topics section is a place to discuss any additional topics that emerge from your conversations with other members of the community. The topics can be related to the content of the LNE initiative, the process, methodology or anything else that you think is relevant to this project.

Users should feel free to add content to these pages and add new pages. Because we want to keep this menu as simple and organized as possible, if you create a new page, it would be best to mark it as ‘uncategorized’ so that it does not crowd the menu. However, if you feel it is necessary, then mark the page so that it shows up as its own page or as a subpage under an existing category.

  • How can I add new content?
In the page menu, click on the icon ‘Share Resources’ and then click on the page you would like to view. To add a link to that page, find the right content type category and enter the name of the resource, the URL and a brief description. To upload a document, select the ‘add attachment’ option under ‘more tools’ (located at the top of the page, under the bar menu).

If your link or document does not fit into any of the categories listed, you can create a new page. You do this by clicking on the ‘Add a new page’ icon located at the bottom of the page menu. Learn more about adding new resources.

  • What is tagging and how should I tag content?
Keyword tags allow other users to access that content more efficiently. For example, if someone searches the site for the term ‘race’ then anything tagged as ‘race’ will show up on the search. When you update a page in any way (add a thread, share an article, upload a resource, etc.), add a keyword tag so that it is easier for other users to be directed to that page. If you want to tag a thread, type keyword tags under your comment (in the box marked ‘Keyword tags’). If you want to tag a whole page then click on ‘edit keyword tags’ in the update

  • How can I get notified when content has been changed or added?
To watch a particular page, click on the ‘more tools’ icon located under the tool bar and click on the ‘watch this page’ button. The page will be added to your ‘watchlist’ and you will be notified whenever there is an update to that page. To watch a specific thread that you have started or have commented on, you also can go to the page where the thread is located and under the thread click the ‘watch this thread’ box. You will then receive an email whenever someone adds a comment to the thread.

3. Additional Information

  • How can I get others involved?
We encourage you to invite your colleagues and other members of the leadership development community – it only takes a couple of minutes! To invite other people, simply click on the ‘Invite’ tab on the tool bar at the top of the page and fill out the short form.

  • What are droplets and how can I use them?
Droplets are widgets that you can add to any social networking site, such as Facebook, to encourage your network to get involved with LNE. See more information and examples of LNE droplets.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at natalia [@] leadershiplearning.org

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