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Leadership and Networks Partner CallThis is a featured page

Date: May 11, 2010 (11:30 - 12:30 PT)

  • Introductions (5-10 minutes)
  • Why we initiated the call?
  • What does each one of us contribute to the conversation about leadership and networks?
  • Goals for the call:
    • Get to know each other
    • Discuss the role of the group and how we can work together
    • Explore the current outline for the publication
    • Determine relevant distribution formats
    • Discuss next steps

  • Overview of the LNE Project (10 minutes)
  • What is the purpose?
    • To improve the capacity to catalyze, develop and support leadership networks in the nonprofit sector
  • What is the rationale for LNE?
    • Broadening our approach to leadership development from a focus on leader characteristics and behavior to include how leadership emerges through networks and communities opens up new opportunities for understanding and promoting leadership that can address complex, systemic challenges with new thinking and solutions
  • What is the audience?
    • Individuals and organizations in the leadership development field, particularly funders, researchers and leadership program staff
  • How was the project initially designed?
    • Publication
    • Assessment tool
    • Resource directory
    • Discussion forums
  • How might the project evolve?
  • Publication Content (20 minutes)
  • What are initial ideas about content?
  • Making the Case for Network Leadership Development
    • Why are network approaches to leadership vital for the social sector?
    • What are the next frontiers for investing in network leadership and network leadership development?
  • Network Leadership
    • What is network leadership?
    • How is network leadership different from organizational leadership?
  • Network Leadership Development
    • What attracts leaders to participate in networks?
    • What are promising case examples of network leadership development?
  • Network Leadership Challenges
    • What are network leadership challenges in designing for innovation?
    • What are network leadership challenges in organizing for scale?
  • Network Leadership Evaluation
    • What are promising approaches for evaluating leadership networks and network leadership?
    • What is the measurable impact of network leadership development?
  • What content is most important to share in the form of a publication?
  • What content is better shared through other media?

  • Next Steps (10 minutes)

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