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Introducing GatekeepingThis is a featured page

  1. Defining Gatekeeping (Evelyn)
  2. Examining the scope of Gatekeeping (Amy)
  3. Areas of inquiry and discussion (Evelyn and Amy alternating)
a. Gatekeeping in the workplace/human resources culture (Amy)
i. Recruitment practices (Amy)
1. A focus on internal recruitment can mean that an agency's demographics remain the same over time.
2. Publicity, messaging, and culturally relevant strategies
ii. Hiring structures and processes (Evelyn)
1. Building the hiring team
a. How are people of color and allies represented in the team?
b. What are their roles?
c. Who has decision--making authority? Or is decision consensus based?
2. Accountability in screening applications:
a. Who decides access to interviews?
b. Is there oversight in place to examine screening decisions?
3. Interpreting interactions with applicants: how is a good fit determined
a. How is rapport established?
iii. Promotion (Amy)
1. Are people of color represented at each level of the organizational chart? Do trends in promotion reflect that?
2. What is the organization's culture around investment in training, mentorship, and networking?
b. Gatekeeping and the development of resources (Evelyn)
i. Programs and services (Evelyn)
1. How are resources allocated in a community, and by whom:
a. Money
b. Housing
c. Human Services
d. Political support
2. How does the development of a program or a project reflect the strengths and needs of communities of color?
3. Does program design and staffing reflect a racial justice focus?
4. Accountability for racial power on an organizational and a personal level
a. What motivates an agency's mission, culture, and direction?
b. What motivates/drives the work of
i. A leadership team?
ii. Individuals within a leadership team?
ii. Networks (Amy)
1. How and why do networks operate to
a. Decide access to resources?
b. Determine membership rules?
c. Determine leadership opportunities and succession?
d. Act as keepers of the status quo or as agents for change?
e. How can networks leverage power for meaningful work on race and leadership?

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