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About the LNE Website

Note: For additional information please see the LNE User Guide


  • Is there an RSS function, or email notification, for this site? These are helpful as reminders to visit the site when new content is added.
Yes, you can set up email notifications for pages and/or discussions. To do that simply go to the page you want to 'follow' and click on 'More Tools'. Then select the option 'Watch this page'. Same with the discussion thread, simply find it and select 'Watch this thread'. You can also go to the 'Updates' tab and select the RSS feed. This will give you a feed of all the recent update and activity (including new comments, members, etc.)


  • I just added an attachment and it appears at the bottom of the page - how can I move that to the top of the page?
Every time you add an attachment, the file will always appear at the bottom of that page. However, you can write a short blurb about it on the body of the page directing people to the attachment. When adding content to the body of the page, you can select exactly where you want it to appear so you can control how high up you want it to be.

To edit the page, simply click the "Easy Edit" button and start typing your new content.

  • How many attachments can we upload?
The tool that supports this website, Wetpaint, only has the capacity to store up to 40 attachments. For that reason, we encourage users to, when possible, add resources as links as opposed to attachments. If the document is not currently online, one option we suggest is to upload the file to the Leadership Learning Community website (http://leadershiplearning.org/leadership-resources/resources-and-publications) and tag the file as "Leadership for a New Era". Then grab the link URL and post the resource as a link on the appropriate page of the Leadership for a New Era website.

Adding and Editing Content

  • How can I add new content?
For New Users ("Registered Users"):
When you join the LNE website, you join as a "Registered User" and you automatically have access to the discussion threads – you can add new threads or comment on existing ones. We encourage you to also share resources and ideas to the content pages of the website. If you want to add, edit or delete content on a page, you need to request access by clicking on the “Request to be a Writerr” button that appears at the top of every page and enter a quick blurb about how you want to contribute to the site. Once your request has been approved, your permissions settings will be set to "Writer" and you will be able to edit, delete, or add content to any page on the website.

If you complete your profile when you join the LNE website, we can also change your user settings to "Writer" - and you will not need to go through the process of filling out the "Request to be a Contributor" form. Simply tell us in your profile why you are interested in this collaborative research initiative, and in general terms, what you hope to contribute to the project (i.e. add resources on the topic pages, new topics, etc.) If you have questions please contact Natalia Castaneda.

For 'Writers':
Select the page you want to modify and click the "EasyEdit" button. You will be able to type and edit information similarly to the way you do it in Word.

To upload a document, select the ‘add attachment’ option under ‘more tools’ (located at the top of the page, under the bar menu).

If your link or document does not fit into any of the categories listed, you can create a new page. You do this by clicking on the ‘Add a new page’ icon located at the bottom of the page menu. Learn more about adding new resources.

  • What happens when multiple users are editing the same page?
The site will give you three options:
1) Edit the new version and manually merge your changes into it (recommended)
If you choose #1 it will show you what the other user has saved and you can then manually merge your edits with theirs.

2) Do not save your changes and view the new version
If you all choose #2 then all the edits would be lost.

3) Save your changes and write over the new version
This option forces your edits to override whatever anyone else saved.

None of the options are ideal, so here is another alternative:
"I place an "In Use" disclaimer at the top of the page when I open it. Then immediately save the page. If I get the three options on save, then I select option 2 since I know someone else has the page open. It I do not, the saved version will alert all others that the page is being edited. If the options do not appear, then I reopen the page and make my edits. When done with editing, I remove the disclaimer and save. This tells everyone the page is available for editing."

  • What is tagging and how should I tag content?
Keyword tags allow other users to access that content more efficiently. For example, if someone searches the site for the term ‘race’ then anything tagged as ‘race’ will show up on the search. When you update a page in any way (add a thread, share an article, upload a resource, etc.), add a keyword tag so that it is easier for other users to be directed to that page. If you want to tag a thread, type keyword tags under your comment (in the box marked ‘Keyword tags’). If you want to tag a whole page then click on ‘edit keyword tags’ in the update

  • How can I get notified when content has been changed or added?
To watch a particular page, click on the ‘more tools’ icon located under the tool bar and click on the ‘watch this page’ button. The page will be added to your ‘watchlist’ and you will be notified whenever there is an update to that page. To watch a specific thread that you have started or have commented on, you also can go to the page where the thread is located and under the thread click the ‘watch this thread’ box. You will then receive an email whenever someone adds a comment to the thread.

  • Printing a page
If you want to print a particular page and keep the formatting or save it as a PDF, simply go to the page, then click on the "Share This" button on the right and type "Print". Once you see the option "PrintFriendly", click on it and a new window will open with the text in a print-friendly format.

  • Can I delete a version of a page?
  • How can I view recent changes to a page?
    • The easiest way to view recent changes is to go to the specific page you want to track, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "about this update" link. You will see a quick summary of the changes (i.e. 3 words added). If you click on "view changes", you will see a page with the current text, compared to the older version, and you will be able to track the new content (usually in blue) and deleted text.
  • User roles and permission settings

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