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Are you aware of any efforts to invest in/research evidence-based practice in leadership and leadership development?
Do you know about any programs or initiatives that are intentionally testing a leadership hypothesis?
We want to co-create an on-line resource for evidence-based practice efforts in leadership and leadership development. Please feel free to add articles, white papers, links to websites on this topic.

Background Research on Evidence-Based Practice in Leadership Development
The Leadership Learning Community (LLC) has been doing research for the AECF on the potential application of an Evidence Based Practice approach to leadership development work. Please feel free to download the preliminary report posted on our website.

A second report Further Reflections on Evidence-Based Practice and Leadership Development: Developing Hypotheses and Case Examples is posted here.

Investing in Developing Evidence-Based Practice in Leadership and Leadership Development

  • The Annie E. Casey Foundation has invested in the Leadership in Action Program , an evidence-based approach to leadership development developed by Jolie Bain Pillsbury and her colleagues at the University of Maryland. Based on the Theory of Aligned Contribution , the program focuses on producing population level results, such as increasing the number of children entering school ready to learn.
  • The Wallace Foundation supports research on Educational Leadership. They are testing the following hypothesis: If states and districts work together and align their efforts to improve leadership standards, training for leaders, and the conditions leaders face, then school leaders will be more effective at improving teaching and student learning in their schools. A summary of this ten year initiative is available below.
  • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supports research on multi-stakeholder alliances. In their initiative Aligning Forces for Quality, they have done research on the trade-offs and challenges of capacity-building in alliances. They recently published The Challenges of Capacity Building in the Aligning Forces for Quality Alliances.


Collaborative Change
Complex Adaptive Systems
  • An annotated bibliography on working with complex systems, distinguishes between complicated and complex systems, and provides guidance on managing complex systems.
Evidence-Based Leadership Assessment Tools
  • Vanderbilt Assessment for Leadership in Education

  • The Rise of Evidence-Based Grantmaking. This post in Tactical Philanthropy by Sean Stannard-Stockton points out that philanthropy is in the midst of an evidence-based revolution in the way it does grantmaking.

Research Centers

  • University of Maryland, School of Public Policy, Approach to Evidence Based Leadership Practice
  • National Center for Healthcare Leadership
  • Center for Evidence-Based Corrections

Knowledge Integration Sites
Out-of-School Time
  • Evidence-Based Leadership search query link on ChildTrends

Research Studies
Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright. A ten-year study of approximately 24,000 people in more than two dozen corporations. The research found that the success of a company depends on its tribes. The strength of its tribes is determined by the tribal culture. A thriving corporate culture can be established by effective tribal leadership. Here is a link to Tribal Leadership Action Steps..

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A decade of investing in education leadership from The Wallace Foundation