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Bay Area Leadership and Race Learning Circle Part 2This is a featured page

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Please note that this meeting has not been scheduled. We will send out an invitation in the next couple of weeks. If you have questions please contact Bella Celnik.

In response to the high interest and participation generated by our last Bay Area Learning Circle: A Conversation on Leadership and Race, we have decided to have a follow-up meeting to continue to explore ideas and questions relevant to the topic.

Several participants expressed interest in helping plan the meeting - here is the complete list:
We encourage the planning team to use this wiki page to brainstorm ideas about the meeting design and coordinate all the logistics. You may also create discussion threads (see below) for particular ideas or questions. For additional information on using this site, please visit the FAQ section or contact Natalia Castaneda or Bella Celnik.


Bay Area LLC "A Conversation on Leadership and Race, Part II" Planning Team Meeting

Friday July 16, 2010 2:00 to 5:00 PM
Where: 1203 Preservation Park Way, Suite 200

Present: Deborah Meehan, Susan Mooney and Manish Vaidya


  • Goals for the space
  • Who the space is for
  • Agenda/Facilitator/Design
  • Mobilization
  • Next Steps
  • Timeline


  • Explore value of creating an inter-generational and multi-racial space where those with a structural racism framework in the leadership development and racial justice fields can intersect
  • Create foundation for folks to show up and participate authentically and fully/building trust, risk-taking
  • Foster self-organizing initiative
  • Building an ongoing space and connection to support praxis - theories, tools, and practical learning to support racial justice work and action

Radical Ground Rules

  • Challenge ourselves and each other in this racial justice work
  • Checking entitlement of white people speaking
  • Making power transparent
  • Identifying with and commitment to a racial justice framework
  • In the design, we want to make our assumption and ways of working more connected to structural racism

We agreed that we would like to hire facilitators so that the design team can all participate fully. We also recognized the value of having facilitators from recognized social justice organizations like Center for Movement Strategy and using a place that racial justice folks and social justice folks are used to meeting to help manage the power dynamics of meeting at a foundation.

Next Steps:
Susan will draft up a very short proposal and budget to cover the costs of a half day meeting, hiring facilitators, and food/space before leaving town in a week.
Manish will shop the proposal around to a few social justice funders to see if he can get support for this.
Deborah will approach some funders if Manish is not successful.
Deborah and Bella will work on space/dates after getting word back from Manish about potential locations.
Everyone will start talking to folks that they would like to have attend.
When? We are targeting the 3rd or 4th week of September to have the meeting occur.


Proposed Agenda

  1. Facilitation and Note taking today - who?
  2. Review where we left off:
    1. Have we agreed on goals for the next convening?
    2. What structures/tools or processes will we use to achieve those goals
    3. What is the agenda for the convening?
    4. Who can facilitate each section of the convening?
  3. Possible dates for convening, what location?
  • Potential site: The California Endowment, Oakland [If the decision is to go with this site, Bella will require alternative dates and times in case first choice is not available]
Since we do not have group notes for our last meeting, perhaps we can see if there are areas of agreement we can build from. Here is my best guess at where we have agreement thus far:
  • Our hope is that this convening will help create a support network for people working at the intersection of leadership and racial justice.
  • Some people who have expressed interest in participation will have racial justice as their "primary lens" and some will have Leadership Development as their "primary lens".
  • Ultimately we hope to create a space where we can all work across boundaries - boundaries of discipline, identity, exposure/experience working on leadership and race. We know that creating this space will not be instantaneous, but a process.
  • We need to establish a shared foundation early in the process - the shared foundation should include:
    • naming that racism exists, is manifested at both the individual and institutional level.
    • in order for people of color and white people to work on these issues together there may be a need to create or support some healing in order to build relationship and trust.
    • We have to be aware of, and pro-active about who is and who is not in the room or participating in the process.
  • This steering committee has expressed a desire to create of community of people working at the intersection of Leadership Development and Racial Justice; yet we recognize that the community needs to define its own goals, needs, and capacity. As a steering committee we can provide leadership in creating the conditions where this community might form, but beyond that its up to the community to come together in shared purpose and process.
  • We are sensitive to the challenge that the dynamics of racism will be present in the group, probably in both institutional and individual forms. We have named that there is a tension between positioning people of color in leadership roles without expecting people of color to be responsible for the growth that white allies need to engage in.

Bay Area LLC "A Conversation on Leadership and Race, Part II" Planning Team Meeting

Thursday, May 20th from 12:30-1:30PM
Where: 1203 Preservation Park Way, Suite 200

Please use this space to build out the agenda for our upcoming May 2010 team planning meeting.

Proposed Agenda

  1. Date, time and place for convening?
  2. Who (team of 2?) will facilitate the convening?
  3. Review Survey Results - How do they inform our thinking about the agenda for the next gathering, themes, surprises, gaps? Is there anyone we did not hear from that we want to reach out to?
  4. Goals for next convening (have they shifted as a result of the survey?) and agenda to achieve those goals.
  5. Task assignments and next steps


1203 Preservation Park Way, Suite 200, Oakland
When: Tuesday, February 23rd from 11:00-12:00

Meeting Participants: Susan Mooney, Mutima Imani, Manish Vaidya, Deborah Meehan, Natalia Castaneda, and Bella Celnik

Mutima agreed to facilitate today's planning meeting (thanks, Mutima). The group briefly introduced themselves by name and organization.

  1. What are our goals?
  2. What are the strategies to achieve those goals?
  3. What is the time line?
  4. Who is the audience?
  5. How do we engage people in whatever we're doing going forward.
Connect leadership development to racial justice work - bring a race conscious lens to what already exists.
  • The group agreed to expand the list of who else to invite to the next convening. Who is not in the room? Why? How can we change that?
  • Design the next meeting with participant engagement integrated into the design.
  • Racial justice framework - what are the assumptions brought to the work?
  • Provide an overview and introductory piece.
  • Build relationship building into the process.
  • Building a community at the intersection of leadership and racial justice work
  • Explicit about building a community looking at issues of power
Build a Community
Leadership Development < > Racial Justice

  • Commitment to nurture the field
  • What are the assumptions
Previous participants and their network

  1. More relationship building between sub-segments
  2. Relationship Building:
    1. Identity (background, etc.)
    2. Who is not at the table and why?
  3. Provide overview of racial justice lens (key points)
  4. Framework (collective work)
  • How we can support racial justice through our work
Design tools for interactive sessions (i.e. hybrid of World Cafe)

Next Steps

  • Poll for a follow up meeting with planning team (Bella)
  • Planning team to use wiki for ideas, etc. for meeting design
  • Prior to planning meeting, prepare and send out survey to participants of last meeting (who?)
    • Ask what participants are interested in exploring during the meeting, how often they want to meet, etc.

Planning Committee Work Space

A Conversation About Leadership and Race II

Our next planning meeting has been confirmed for Tuesday, March 30th from 10:30AM-11:30AM. The following committee members have confirmed that they will join the meeting: Deborah Meehan, Natalia Castaneda, Bella Celnik, Manish Vaidya, Lauren Padilla, Mutima Imani, and Odin Zackman (Susan Mooney was unable to attend). We are asking that folks build out the agenda for our meeting on March 30th:

Proposed Meeting Agenda

  • Check In

Please use this space to share your ideas, resources and questions as we begin to design the follow up to the January Bay Area Circle meeting, "A Conversation About Leadership and Race."

The team agreed that additional folks, those who we would like to invite to be part of the conversation, should be added to the list of invitees. Please contribute your recommendations below:

Who else should be included in the email invitation?

Recommended by (your name here)

Suggested questions for survey (to be sent out to list of invitees prior to convening to help inform the meeting design):

QuestionSubmitted by (your name here)
Do you have any interest in meeting regularly with folks working at the intersection of racial justice and leadership development?Susan Mooney
How would you hope to benefit from regular gatherings of folks working at the intersection of racial justice and leadership development?Susan Mooney
In your day to day life, would you characterize leadership development as a primary focus of your work currently?Susan Mooney
In you day to day life, would you characterize racial justice as a primary focus of your work currently?Susan Mooney
Are you interested in gatherings that occur monthly, quarterly or on some other frequency?Susan Mooney
Do you see a need or value in building a community of people working at the intersection of racial justice and leadership development? If so, what need or value are your thinking of?Susan Mooney
What one strategy do you think would be critical to incorporate into an effort to build a community of folks working at the intersection of racial justice and leadership development?Susan Mooney

Use the space below to propose design ideas, questions, etc.

I have done many trainings that uses an articulation of the dynamics of oppression that I was introduced to by Beth Ritchie, which focuses on how we are all part of a social arrangement that sacrifices the well being of those on the margin for the benefit of those in the center. I am happy to share some of the materials used in this training with the group if it would be helpful at some point. I have found it to be effective because it is clear in explaining how we are all socialized to serve the system, and how having multiple identities results in the majority of people having some characteristics that are affirmed by the center and some that are pushed to the margin. I have found that helping people place their experiences into a social dynamic can be especially beneficial to white people who have not done much work on racial justice. It may have only been my group at the last gathering, but I sensed that some folks in the room did not yet have very much experience working on these issues so supporting them in moving as quickly as possible beyond the entry level road blocks of doing racial justice work might be helpful in avoiding getting stuck at people processing their own experiences (which is important but may not be the purpose of this group). The training also includes definitions of terms that could be one tool for us to use in developing what we might propose as the "givens". (Susan Mooney)

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