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Bay Area Leadership and Race Learning CircleThis is a featured page

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Date: 01/13/2010 - 11:30am - 1:30pm PT

Check out the pictures!

List of Participants

Contact Info
Manish Vaidya GIFT: Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training
Christopher Perrius Bay Area Coalition for Equitable Schools (BAYCES) chris@bayces.org
LaShawn Routé Chatmon BAYCES
Victor Cary BAYCES
Lisa Lasky BAYCES
Chin Martin BAYCES
Hugh Vasquez BAYCES
Brett Bradshaw BAYCES
Jamie Almanzan BAYCES
Stephen Chang BAYCES
Kathleen Osta BAYCES
Bethtina Woodridge Public Allies
Julius Paras

Susan Mooney Chinese for Affirmative Action
Adriana Rocha CompassPoint
Kathleen Rice KL Rice Consulting
Lisa Rudman National Radio Project
Robin Tucker The Proper Angle
Jennifer Crystal Chien

Mailee C. Wang Advocating Change Together/Girls Incorporated of Alameda County
Frances Kendall

Jessica Van Tuyl Oasis for Girls
Rachel Paras Oasis for Girls
Janette Hernandez Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley
Claudia Peredes Greenlining Institute
Danielle Trimiew Greenlining Institute
Renato Almanzor LeaderSpring
Ashley McKenna See Change Evaluation
Georgiana Hernandez Planning for Change
Sandra Davis The California Endowment
Odin Zackman DigIn
Khanh Pham Radio Project
Cynthia Chavez LeaderSpring
Steve Lew CompassPoint
Toni Battle Consultant
Mutima Imani Project Together We Can
Lauren Padilla The California Endowment
Marla Cornelius CompassPoint
Ahmad Mansur Urban Economy Network amansur@lmi.net
Raj Neogy Argien Consulting
Lynda Tredway Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley

Proposed Working Design

  1. Welcome, about LLC and the Leadership for a New Era project, meeting purpose, working together commitments, group introductions (30 minutes)
  2. Participant pop-up panel of reactions to the Leadership and Race synthesis, seeding the conversation (10 minutes)
  3. Introduction to engagement technology (10 minutes)
  4. Modified open space participant initiated by participants (45 minutes)
  5. Open space sharing (15 minutes)
  6. Staying engaged (5 minutes)
  7. Closing (5 minutes)
Commitments to work in the space:
  • Commitment to each others success
  • Risk taking
  • Encourage verbalization of ideas
  • Commitment to bring all parts of ourselves here
  • Include all voices
  • Understand and acknowledge that what we bring represents different organizations and frameworks

Panel of Reactions to the Leadership and Race Synthesis

  • I loved this document because it articulated a lot of things that I was thinking about the work that we have been doing as an organization, and we are so busy doing that we didn’t take the time to stop and synthesize so I am really grateful for the synthesis of this work. One of the things I was really struck by is that my organization does racial justice work and that’s part of our mission, but we have a Leadership Academy which is separate from the other work that we do, and we never stopped to make racial equity part of the mission of our Leadership Academy and so that was big for me – to get that I needed to start there.
  • I was really excited to see the focus – and LLC typically has this focus – on the collective nature of leadership. I think recently we started to move from an individual focus to a collective focus and I think that is absolutely critical when we are talking about issues of race.
  • There are a number of parts of this that I highlighted but one was the part about talking about what makes a weak leader, and what makes a strong leader and having the context of race and gender and all of those things attached to that.
  • I had two areas of thoughts triggered by my most recent reading: one had to do with the process of reframing one’s own experience in a social and political context and my background in feminism and violence against women work, that was really the grounding of a lot of that early work and that…I’m probably one of the few people that sees the attacks on feminism as being too white as one of our greatest successes, and the product of that reframing and not a failure of feminism. The other…the very term of ‘leadership development’ just screams individualization and probably some thinking around changing the vocabulary.

Open Space Topics

Final Thoughts

  • Good to have the conversation
  • Cross section of participants
  • Continue - repetitive work
  • Grounding and structure layed out in advance
  • What's the follow up
  • Sound support
  • Way to connect
  • More time
Try the technology!

LLC will help facilitate a follow up meeting - sign up provided for those interested in planning a next meeting.

The following have agreed to help with planning a next meeting: Susan Mooney, Odin Zackman, Raj Neogy, Mutima, Manish, Lauren Padilla-Valverde - Great and many thanks from the LLC Staff Team!

Go back to the Leadership and Race synthesis!

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One of the participants of yesterday's learning circle on Leadership and Race mentioned that the term 'leadership development' is related to the notion of individualization. If we are trying to move away from the individual focus of leadership to a more collective focus, do we need to rethink the vocabulary? Do you agree with this reaction? What are some other terms we should consider?
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