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Slogan: 'I have a dream' inspires. 'I have a systemic analysis' does not.
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Welcome to our site!1

Hello, my name is Chris Perrius!

Occupation: Development and Communications Director
: Oakland, CA
Employer: Bay Area Coalition for Equitable Schools (BayCES)
Website: www.bayces.org
Email: chris@bayces.org

I joined Leadership for a New Era because: my organization is working to build leadership within school systems to change school systems so that poor, black, and brown young people have full opportunities to learn, thrive, and create our common future.

I am interested in the following topics: Leadership and Race, Leadership and Networks, Collective Leadership, Leadership across Difference, education, multi-sector change efforts, the role and status of emotions in institutions and social change efforts, communications.

The best word to describe me is: trustworthy

What else you should know about me: I am a researcher and writer by training, former academic with a deep respect for but also suspicion of academic approaches. I believe in pragmatic approaches informed by research. We can't downplay the moral dimensions of leadership; ultimately it means doing what is right, standing up for what is right. To convey this moral urgency, one must speak clearly and powerfully in ways that anyone can access.


How did you find out about Leadership for a New Era? Through researching the work of Claire Reinelt after she was recommended to me by an evaluator.

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