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Alice MacGillivray

  • Occupation: Consultant
  • Location: Victoria BC Canada
  • Employer: Self-employed
  • Website: www.4KM.net
  • Email: Alice@4KM.net
  • Twitter: 4KM

  • Why are you interested in joining Leadership for a New Era?
  • My consulting work and research focus on the intersections of leadership, complexity and knowledge management.

  • What do you hope to contribute to this collaborative initiative? (i.e. share resources for a specific topic, add a new topic, raise questions and ideas, etc.) For more information on how you can contribute content please visit the FAQ's section.

  • I am interested in the following topics (Leadership and Race, Leadership and Networks, Collective Leadership, Leadership across Difference, Other):

  • The best word to describe me is:

  • What else you should know about me:


How did you find out about Leadership for a New Era? Through the blog (via Beth Kanter, Patti Anklam and twitter)


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