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Member since: Jun 24 2010, 10:45 AM EDT
Slogan: Think of something that would never occur to you, then expect that.
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Hello, my name is [Kendra Harris]!

  • Occupation: Higher Education administration and research
  • Location: Greenville, NC, USA
  • Employer: East Carolina University
  • Website: www.ecu.edu/leadershipcollaborative
  • Email: harrisk@ecu.edu
  • Twitter:

  • Why are you interested in joining Leadership for a New Era?
I am very excited to see others interested in emerging collaborative leadership perspectives and research. I completed my dissertation on a shared locus of leadership and collaborative leading and would like to continue to explore, research and contribute to the literature on these emerging perspectives.
  • What do you hope to contribute to this collaborative initiative? (i.e. share resources for a specific topic, add a new topic, raise questions and ideas, etc.) For more information on how you can contribute content please visit the FAQ's section.
raise questions and ideas, contribute to research and writing, add topics
  • I am interested in the following topics (Leadership and Race, Leadership and Networks, Collective Leadership, Leadership across Difference, Other):
leadership networks, collaborative leadership, non-hierarchical collaboration, cross-sector collaborative leadership for social change
  • The best word to describe me is:
  • What else you should know about me:

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership for Higher Education, quirky sense of humor, passion about collaborative problem solving and leadership

How did you find out about Leadership for a New Era?
Stanford Social Innovations Review

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