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  • Great series of Partner posts planned on network leadership We have a great series of partner posts planned on network leadership over the next couple of weeks.

    ** Patti Anklam (Net Work) is reflecting on how to prepare organizational leaders to work in a networked world.
    **Gibran Rivera (Interaction Institute for Social Change) is reflecting on what some of the organizational barriers are that get in the way of supporting network leadership, and how
    organizations can create the space for network leadership to emerge.
    **Diana Scearce (Monitor Institute) is reflecting on when and how to invest in network leadership and what forms this type of investment might take.
    **Bruce Hoppe (Connective Associates) is reflecting on what leadership looks like in a healthy network.
    **Beth Tener (New Directions Collaborative) is reflecting on why working through networked approaches is a core strategy for pursuing sustainability.

    I am personally excited by these posts since over the last six months I have been working with more and more leaders who are discovering the power of organizing their work through networks, and who are frustrated by their organizational culture because it does not value network engagement. Organizational leadership cultures that seek to control and regulate the flow of information, ideas, and resources in order to maintain competitive advantage and authority make it difficult to exercise network leadership. How do we catalyze the development of leadership with a network mindset within organizations so that they are a force for social and system transformation not a barrier to it?

    What additional perspectives or questions do you hope this series will take up? Do you have a perspective you would like to share? Join the Leadership and Networks partnership!
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    Posted: May 25 2010, 1:05 PM EDT by creinelt
  • Network Leadership sustainability? Author: Beth Tener, www.ndcollaborative.com Consider these scenarios: Every hotel could adopt greener practices
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    Last updated: Aug 2 2010, 1:24 PM EDT by nataliallc
  • Leadership and Networks Partners and/or online resources If you are intersted in being a partner please contact Claire Reinelt . Current Partners Beth Tener
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    Last updated: Jul 29 2010, 2:37 AM EDT by nataliallc
  • Boston Learning Circle: Conversation About Leadership and Networks and save your edits. This will prevent potential conflicts with multiple edits happening at the same time. Note for New Users: When you join the LNE
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    Last updated: Oct 12 2010, 2:56 PM EDT by nataliallc
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